Happy Monday!  As mentioned in my previous posts, I did quite a bit of watercolor practice over the weekend and decided to share a couple things I worked on.  I am by NO means an artist and this is just me trying to get better at watercoloring.  I love the look of watercolor and really want to get better at it so I just keep practicing.  

I have been taking this online watercolor class and I tried some of the exercises.  The first exercise is to use stamps to give you the image for watercoloring and this is particularly helpful for those of us that can’t draw.  I used the cardinal and branch from the stamp set Joyful Season that was in the SU Holiday catalog to give me my scene to paint.  The scene was stamping using distress inks with second generation stamping so that my image on my watercolor paper was super light.  I used my Mijello Mission Gold watercolors to begin layering color.  I really struggle with adding dimension and shadows.  I think it turned out ok but boy do I have a long, long way to go.
The second exercise I tried was creating a floral scene with just using brush stokes.  I used my Silver Black Velvet number 10 brush to create a flowering bush as we learn to do in the online class.  I realized I apply too much pigment right off the bat and need to learn how to water down my colors to give me more opportunity to layer additional color on top.  I tried adding more color and got the “blooms” that you get in watercoloring which is not the look I was going for in this piece.  Watercolor is supposed to dry lighter but boy, these colors did not lose much of their intensity when they dried.  I need more practice with my brush strokes and mixing colors.  
Well hopefully sharing my adventures in watercoloring helps inspire you to give it a try.  I first started watercoloring to add this technique to my card making but the more I do it, the more I want to be able to just create watercolor pieces that are not just for cards.  

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